KODAK Lenses
Kodak Lenses

Capture your patients’ attention with a familiar brand known for trust, respect and loyalty. A recent study indicates that KODAK Lenses provide the highest level of consumer brand awareness when compared to other competitive lens brands and were preferred 56% more when patients considered the performance, brand and price of the lenses. Available only to independent practices, KODAK Lenses provide a unique advantage over retailers who cannot offer patients the same combination of reputable brand, trusted performance and smart price. Click for more.

Practice Plus

Join PracticePlus® and earn rewards for every pair of qualifying KODAK Progressive Lenses you dispense, along with training, information and marketing assistance. PracticePlus is Signet Armorlite’s product support program for KODAK Lenses. For information or to enroll call 800-950-5367 or visit www.practice-plus.net.

KODAK Progressive Lens Availability
Listed below are descriptions of the various KODAK progressives. For more information about availability through Opti-Matrix, please see our Line Card and our document Library.

KODAK Unique DS™ Lenses
A digital dual-side progressive lens that offers significant improvement in the reading area for many prescriptions while providing excellent visual performance in the intermediate and distance viewing areas. Whether choosing a small or large frame, a computer program will select from six KODAK Unique DS Progressive Lens designs to properly locate the viewing areas, or you can choose the corridor. It includes the new Vision First DS™ Technology for ultra-smooth power progression and new i-Sync™ Technology to maximize clarity in the peripheral areas. Click here for more.

KODAK Unique™ Lenses
Digitally-created full-backside progressive that is available in a large array of lens materials for convenient dispensing and six corridor lengths selected by computer software based on patient’s frame size for efficient dispensing. Thin lenses result from advanced variable decentration techniques. Click here for more.

KODAK Digital Lenses
Front-side cast progressives with digitally-created backside improvements that provide more consistent optical performance over the range of prescription powers. Includes KODAK Precise® Digital, Precise Short Digital and Concise® Digital. Click here for more.

KODAK Precise PB Lenses
All the features and benefits of the award-winning KODAK Precise Progressive Lens in a digitally-created full-backside progressive. Available in two corridor lengths. Click here for more.

KODAK Precise Lenses
Created using Vision First Design™ Technology, a mathematical process that allows the desired power to be specified at virtually every point on the lens, for vision one step closer to perfect. Available in two corridor lengths. Click here for more.

KODAK Concise Lenses
Promotes the visual acuity of a progressive lens designed specifically for small frames. Click here for more.

Photoviews should be your go-to option for the price conscious patients that are ready for photochromic lenses. An incredible advance over teh previous generation of photochromic lenses like SunSensors, it offers better all-around performance with 8x faster fade time and full direct UV preotection. Click for more

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