No-Glare Lenses

With fast-turnaround and patient satisafaction our goal, GK Optical offers the best in Non-Glare coatings for your patient's lenses.

GK Optical continues to drive innovation in its Non-Glare lens portfolio with our newly added premium house brand, ARx HP.

ARx HP High Performance Non-Glare lenses Features & Benefits:

  • Classified as VSP category C
  • Super Hydrophobic process (fingerprints, dirt, oil and smudges don’t stick to lenses so lenses stay cleaner longer and are the easiest to clean)
  • Integrated hard coat (delivers scratch resistance and durability that can easily withstand life's daily wear)
  • Can be coated on any lens and lens material
  • 2 year patient satisfaction warranty

We offer the full line of Crizal no-glare lenses: Crizal Sapphire, Crizal Avancé UV, Crizal Alizé UV, Crizal Easy UV and Crizal Sunshield. We also carry Sharpview and Kodak Clean and Clear,

For questions or to place an order, call your sales or customer service representative at the number below.

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