Remote Ordering

RxWIZARD™ from Digital Vision allows you to submit Rx orders, along with any frame or lens tracing, directly to our lab over the internet.

You receive an up-to-date status report on in-process orders. The orders you transmit are archived, and you control how long they are kept. You can view and search both archived and in-process orders using the "Order Lookup" function.

RxWIZARD™ has been customized for our laboratory, so your access to precise availability of products and package-programs is immediate.

The RxWIZARD™ system is designed to help make your day easier. The system knows about available lens styles and materials and will only let you enter valid information. The system understands what valid Rx parameters are, and prompts for missing information, such as the P.D. or an add power.

Using the RxWIZARD™ system online will make your practice more efficient by helping to reduce delays due to Rx errors. And “more efficient” means happier patients, happier employees and an improved bottom line for you. Contact your GK Optical representative for more information on how you can streamline your Rx orders with RxWIZARD™.

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